Providing high-value bookkeeping services to small business owners, helping them achieve their goals while mutually pursuing profitability.
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Let us Save you Time and Money by taking over your bookkeeping, payroll and invoicing. We offer customized services and accommodate any type of business. As you grow and scale, we’ll be there right along with you.
  1. Bookkeeping
    Cash Flow is crucial to any business. Having your financial reports ready each month can help you understand your cash flow and how to make adjustments on the fly to increase profitability.
  2. Tax Preparation
    We’re better able to help you when you combine our bookkeeping with your tax accountant services by coordinating efforts throughout the year to make sure you get every deduction you need to reduce your tax liability
  3. Start up Advice
    Let us help you with two of the most important decisions you make in starting a new business, the type of legal structure you select and the setup of your individualized bookkeeping system.
  4. Invoicing and Reconciliation
    Get paid faster with our professional invoicing and reliable reconciliation services.
  5. Payroll
    Payroll has never been easier. We can make your payroll nightmare disappear and make life easier on you and your employees.
  6. Online Presence Management
    We are able to build, maintain, and monitor a professional website and social media presence for you. Including linking your website, social media, messaging, email servicing, and regular updates.
With over seven years in government and private finance experience and a degree from Central Washington University, Angel Graham is here to assist you with all your business needs.  Her strong work ethic commitment to continuing education means she will be there when you call to help you reach your professional goals.